Green Energy UK and ZrO unite for cleaner, greener urban travel solution

15 August 2009

No travel costs for a year for motorbike riders

A unique partnership offering environmentally friendly free travel for a year has been formed between green electricity company Green Energy UK and the ZrO Electric Motorbike Company. With the aim of making it easier and cheaper for people in urban areas to travel greener, anyone purchasing an electric motorbike from ZrO will receive a £50 credit into their account for choosing Green Energy UK to power their motorbike and home. This £50 credit also applies to existing Green Energy UK customers who purchase one of ZrO’s electric motorbikes. Green Energy UK founder and chief executive, Doug Stewart, says: “Our business has always sought to reward those who make the decision to lead greener lifestyles. People choose ZrO’s electric motorbikes to reduce carbon emissions, and we’re offering them the chance to lower them even further by choosing our clean electricity to charge their bike.” Doug, whose company supplies only green electricity, continues: “People also choose electric motorbikes because filling one of these with electricity is much cheaper than filling one with petrol. Plus you don’t have to pay road tax, congestion fees, and some towns and cities have plug in charge points where you can park and charge your motorbike. They make sense.” Managing director Jason Firmin started the ZrO Electric Motorbike Company after the successful advertising and marketing business he’d built in Sri Lanka was forced to close because of the civil war there. It was also in Sri Lanka where Jason first saw electric motorbikes in use. Jason says: “On arriving back in the UK I started doing research on electric motorbikes and was surprised they weren’t more popular here, because they were really popular in Sri Lanka as a very handy way of getting around. I then spent time in Europe, speaking to suppliers and people already using electric motorbikes. I began road-testing motorbikes here - if I was going to be supplying them I wanted to know they’d be of the highest quality.” Jason continues: “Our bikes cost between 8-10p to fully charge, compared to say a 50cc Vespa, which is around £11 to £12 to fill up. That is a huge difference and saving for our bikes, and with Green Energy UK’s £50 credit it should mean no travel costs for at least a year.” The ZrO electric motorbike prices range from £1,899 to £3,300. For more information visit