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  1. We only buy green, we don’t have any brown electricity or nuclear in our business. All our energy is additional generation created since 2001.

  2. We buy our energy from the widest range of renewable and green technologies that will one day reduce the pricing power of oil.

  3. We are making use of today's technology to make fossil fuels more green.

  4. We are independent, UK based and we are truly answerable to our customers: so much so that we give all our customers the chance to become shareholders for free.

No one else is doing this!

Buy green electricity

  • If you want to buy green electricity to make an impact on either your home or business’ carbon footprint and reduce CO2 and air pollution, we can help.
  • Switch to us at green energy uk, where we only buy green electricity from Ofgem approved green and renewable suppliers, and you’ll be helping to create a more secure and sustainable future.
Green Energy UK, use electricity made from rotten vegetables and a load of rubbish