Switch to green electricity now and save in the long term

26 June 2008

Doug Stewart CEO comments on energy security

Could switching to green electricity actually save money in the long-term? As oil price rises to record high of $135 per barrel, Green Energy UK chief calls on government, business and householders to take action now or risk a future whereby energy costs continue to soar. Doug Stewart, founder and Chief Executive of green energy uk, suppliers of 100% renewable and 100% green electricity, says the UK in theory has the resources to receive all its electricity from green means and that government, business and households should seriously be investing in these means now to avoid being at the mercy of rising oil prices. Doug says: “I read yesterday that crude oil has risen by 50% since January and by more than 20% this month alone, and in ten of the past 14 trading sessions the price has hit new records, and this will have an knock on effect on all energy prices. So, do we want to continue paying ever increasing prices for oil and fossil based energy and then even higher prices when the oil finally runs out and we are forced to scramble to generate power from green sources to meet the demand, or should we be paying a little more now in order to support and invest in the growth of a green economy that will ultimately provide stabilised pricing? If the UK could utilise its resources and run itself off green power then we would be an example to the world.” The key to reducing environmental damage is to tackle costs, says Doug whose company supplies electricity from traditional green sources such as hydro, wind and solar, as well as projects that are creating electricity from diverse sources such as pig waste and demolition waste. Doug explains: “The way forward should be for green generation to become a significant part of the energy mix, so the effects of the oil price will diminish, which will also reduce the damage we are doing with fossil fuels. At the moment without government intervention, the only way this can be achieved is through consumer demand for green energy.” Doug also believes new generation wind turbines could hold the key. Recently green energy uk sponsored the installation of London’s first ground-based new generation wind turbine at Merton Abbey Mills, which is supplying The Colour House Children’s Theatre with all its power, making it - as far as we know - the first theatre in the world to be exclusively powered by wind. Doug says: “New generation wind turbines are a major stride in the right direction. They look great, produce good amounts of renewable power and are quiet. They are the perfect response to critics of wind turbines. Projects like this are just what we need as we learn to lessen our dependence on fossil fuels.”