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Shares in Green Energy (UK) plc

We want to help people concerned with the environment to do something positive. We want our customers to be more than just consumers. Through our unique share scheme they become partners in our mission to create an environmentally responsible electricity supply industry. We are one of very few independently owned British electricity suppliers and we want our customers to feel part of our business.

Our first 100,000 customers will be given the option to receive fully paid up shares in Green Energy (UK) plc. As shares are governed by the Financial Services Authority, there are a great deal of legal conditions that we have to tell you about. All of that can be found in our Information Memorandum.

Frequently asked questions

We do get asked questions about our share ownership scheme, so we have included some of the frequently asked ones here.

Why are you giving away half your company to customers?

Good question, and when we started the business our advisors thought we were mad. But we felt that customers who became shareholders would feel part of the business. They would feel involved could make their views known and help us to grow. Much better than being a customer of a faceless multinational utility.

What are the benefits of owning shares in Green Energy (UK) plc?

Owning shares means you can attend the AGM, get regular reviews on how we are doing financially and feel part of an environmentally sound business.

Am I entitled to a dividend?

We are not yet paying dividends, but the balance sheet has improved year on year and we look forward to a time when distributable reserves will be available.

How can I get more shares?

Every customer that joins us is entitled to 400 shares. To receive more shares you could become a green energy uk ambassador and earn up to 1000 extra shares. We will allocate you these extra shares if five or more of your friends or family switch their electricity to green energy uk. To recommend a friend, please click here.

Do I have a responsibility as a shareholder?

If by that you mean liability, no! Your shares are fully paid up. Would we like you to feel responsible for helping us grow by recommending us to your friends? Yes please!

Can I sell my shares?

The shares are currently not tradable, although you can transfer your shares to another person as a gift. To do so, email us on

Do I lose my shares if I move house?

If you become a customer at your new house then you keep your shares and we update our share register with your new address. Click here to let us know if you are moving house. Do I lose my shares if I switch to another electricity provider? If you remain a green energy uk customer for three years, the shares are yours. If you leave us before then, the shares don’t vest with you. One of the conditions of acceptance is that if you leave within three years we can buy back your whole holding for 1p and you waive the right to that 1p. Sounds complicated but it’s the correct, legal way to handle it.

To recommend a friend please click here