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Seal the Deal

The UN-led Seal the Deal Campaign aims to galvanize political will and public support for reaching a comprehensive global climate agreement in Copenhagen in December.

Climate change affects us all. Nine out of every ten disasters recorded are now climate related. That is a scary fact. Rising temperatures and more frequent floods, droughts and storms are impacting millions of people's lives. And set against the backdrop of global warming is a global financial crisis. Clearly, planet Earth needs our attention.

On December 7, world leaders will gather in Copenhagen, Denmark, to respond to one of the greatest challenges facing humanity: climate change and sustainable economic growth. But how to protect the planet and create a green economy that will lead to long-term prosperity? The negotiations in Copenhagen will need to answer this question. Our existence depends on it.

Green Energy UK CEO Doug Stewart was asked to make a short film showing our support for the campaign

It can be viewed here:

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