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green energy uk buy combined heat and power from a tomato grower in Hertfordshire

Frequently Asked Questions

We realise that you may have questions about the company or about signing up - so we have prepared the following list of questions we've been asked before.

If your question isn't answered here then please email us or call us on 0800 783 8851 and we will answer your question.

Q.How easy is it to switch to green energy uk?

Q.How does electricity get to my home?

Q.Can you buy enough Green Electricity?

Q.What does green energy uk do to look after me, once I am a customer?

Q.How does your pricing work?!

Q.What do I do if my supply is interrupted?

Q.How can you compete?

Q.How can I be sure I'll get a reliable supply?

Q.Am I tied into using green energy uk for three years?

Q.What do I do if I move house?

Q.Can I have a quarterly bill?

Q.How do I know the monthly Direct Debit is set at the correct amount?

Q.How do I check that the estimates on my quarterly bills are accurate?

Q.What do I do now?