An apple a day keeps fuel costs at bay

25 November 2008

Commuting for the price of an apple

A man has found a green way to commute to work that he says is costing him the same price as an apple a day. Simon Arundel, a 43 year-old insurance manager from Stroud, has an electric scooter and is using electricity supplier green energy uk’s Deep Green renewable electricity to charge it. green energy uk’s renewable electricity is generated by wind, solar, hydro power and biomass. This costs him only 20 pence a day and also means his commute to work has zero carbon emissions. Simon’s green thinking is a good example to other commuters looking to travel greener and for less.

Simon, a self-confessed eco-nag, has been a green energy uk customer for five years and used to share the commute to work with his partner Elaine, but when Elaine changed jobs it meant they were now traveling in the opposite direction. Simon either had to purchase a new car or face a two hour daily commute to Ecclesiastical in Gloucester and home using public transport. Simon then spotted the Vectix Maxi-Scooter.

Simon says: “It now takes me 25 minutes to get to work. Overnight I park the bike up at home and plug it in to recharge the batteries. It costs me only 20 pence per charge, so my daily commute costs me the price of an apple. Best of all, it has zero carbon emissions because I am running it on Deep Green electricity from green energy uk. When I’m riding along I like to think I’m sailing to work - it certainly feels like it!”

green energy uk chief executive, Doug Stewart, says, “I’m fortunate to live close enough to the green energy uk offices to be able to cycle there every day, but for people going a little further, electric vehicles that run on renewable energy are perfect. I’m really impressed with Simon’s resourcefulness – he’s demonstrating how it is possible to travel longer distances /without polluting, and is saving himself a fortune in fuel costs.”

Another green energy uk customer using Deep Green renewable fuel to travel carbon free is Bamber Gascoigne. The former University Challenge host turned environmentalist was one of the first people in the UK to buy an electric car, which he describes as fantastic fun to drive.

Neither Simon, Bamber or any other electric vehicle driver, pays road tax or congestion fees. Due to their green credentials, electric vehicles are exempt from these charges. Drivers of electric vehicles are also further helped by the growing numbers of sockets now appearing in towns and cities across the UK that allow you to park up, plug in and recharge your vehicle.