Theatre has gone with the wind

03 June 2008

Merton Abbey Mills

London’s first ground-based new generation wind turbine powers theatre green energy uk, suppliers of 100% renewable and 100% green electricity, has part sponsored the installation of London’s first ground-based new generation wind turbine at Merton Abbey Mills, South West London. The installation of the wind turbine was organised by London & Argyll, the theatre’s landlord, and forms part of the London Borough of Merton’s regeneration plans. The aim of the project is to create a landmark piece of modern art with a purpose that benefits the community. The turbine is also one of the first of a new generation of wind turbines designed specifically for urban living by renewable energy source specialists, Quiet Revolution. The turbine is a beautiful looking creation and stands only five metres high in the centre of a roundabout on the busy A24, making almost no noise or vibration as it works.The qr 5 turbine is supplying The Colour House Children’s Theatre with all its power, making it - as far as we know - the first theatre in the world to be exclusively powered by wind. Doug Stewart, green energy uk founder and Chief Executive, says: “New generation wind turbines are a major stride in the right direction. They’re quiet, look great and produce good amounts of renewable power; meaning they are ideal for use in urban areas. They are the perfect response to critics of wind turbines and are just what we need as we learn to lessen our dependence on fossil fuels.” When the turbine at Merton Abbey Mills detects more than 4m/s of wind, the generator begins drawing power from the national grid to start running its rotor. The electricity drawn from the grid is 100% green and is supplied by green energy uk. Once the rotor is at the right speed, the turbine stops drawing on the green electricity because it is powered by wind, at which point the turbine begins making electricity. green energy uk feeds the resulting electricity through cables from the wind turbine directly to the theatre. In the right conditions the turbine is capable of producing enough renewable electricity each year to power three homes or a 20-person office. The theatre is also using the turbine to teach local children about green electricity and the environment. Director of The Colour House Children’s Theatre, Peter Wallder, is delighted: “It is fantastic news for the theatre. Electricity costs theatres a lot of money when you think of all the lighting, effects and heating that go into productions, so thanks to green energy uk, the electricity bill for us is now non-existent.”