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green energy uk buy combined heat and power from a tomato grower in Hertfordshire

Our energy

We buy all of our energy from green sources, some of it Pale, some of it Deep, but all of it green; which means that all our energy has a positive impact.

We buy it from a heady cocktail of sources which you can see in the following pages. I hope you find it interesting because we are about much more than just wind! We don't buy so-called Brown electricity – derived from Coal, Gas or Oil.

We have worked hard since inception to support emerging technologies and small-scale generators and some 70% of our power purchase agreements are for generators that didn't exist when we started green energy uk.

The Deep green energy we buy, comes from renewable sources like wind, water, solar and Biomass. We even have a contract for a small tidal energy farm although it is not yet producing.

The Pale green energy we buy comes from cleaner combined heat and power (CHP) from accredited generators. This is assessed by both Ofgem and Dept of Energy (part of Defra) as green and climate levy exempt electricity. CHP is, we think, a really sensible 21st century solution. It's a mature technology, it's immediately scaleable and it derives two energy sources from one input. Just google Denmark CHP and see what scale can do!

To find out more about the different types of green energy please click here

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