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green energy uk buy combined heat and power from a tomato grower in Hertfordshire

Our customers

We like to feature some of the businesses that have made the switch to green energy uk and their reasons for doing so. We hope that you enjoy reading about them.

Sunbeam Studios

Sunbeam studios is a new photographic hire studio designed to meet the high end photo, fashion and music industries. It has been set up in the old Sunbeam Talbot factory a stunning grade 2 listed building near Notting Hill London.

Adam Dawe of Sunbeam Studios says 'Our mission is to be excellent in every way and so we take environmental issues extremely seriously, aiming to bring these to the notice of our clients, through extensive waste recycling and provision of 100% renewable power for the shoots where many lights are used. With the help of green energy uk we save more than 80 double decker buses full of CO2 emissions every year.'

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