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green energy uk buy combined heat and power from a tomato grower in Hertfordshire

Our customers

We like to feature some of the businesses that have made the switch to green energy uk and their reasons for doing so. We hope that you enjoy reading about them.

Upper Twyford Barn

Architype is a design-led architectural practice established in 1984, which specialises in sustainable design. Director Jonathan Hines set up Architype’s West office in 1996 when he and his family moved to Herefordshire. As the company began to grow their premises, Jonathan began to look around for relocation opportunities.

Around this time the Duchy of Cornwall bought up a large estate in Herefordshire and began a major programme of investment and upgrading of the building stock. Architype desired that their own workplace could be a showcase for their sustainable design approach and so decided to renovate Upper Twyford Barn, near Hereford.

The building is designed to a high environmental standard –Heating is by a woodchip boiler fired with chips obtained from local woodlands, the first in a network of installations planned by the Duchy to reduce reliance on oil and support local rural employment.

And of course, electricity is being supplied by green energy uk

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