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New connections

We have a dedicated metering team who can arrange for electricity meters to be fitted for your project or development. We can cater for:

Large or small scale domestic and commercial developments.

We work closely with developers to arrange meter installations on newly built properties. You simply need to provide us with the new supply numbers, the site addresses and the technical details required for the installation and we will arrange to have the meters fitted to site and energised.

Redevelopment or expansion of existing properties.

Whether you are renovating an old property, building an annex or converting a house into apartments, we can help you to adapt the metering to suit.

Supply upgrades or downgrades.

We can arrange to have your meter replaced where the power requirement to site has changed, ensuring that you have an adequate supply for your requirements. This includes changing from single to 3 phase or between non half hourly and half hourly metering or simply switching your home supply to an Economy 7 meter.

Export generation projects

If you generate your own electricity and want to sell the excess, then we can arrange to have an export meter fitted which will keep track of how much electricity you put back into the national grid.

For more information about how to arrange a new meter installation or a change to your existing metering, please call 0800 783 8851

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