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Environmental links

These sites contain information that you may find interesting, relevant or even just fun. The selection of sites in this listing is inherently subjective, and while green energy uk endeavour to ensure appropriate content, green energy uk accepts no responsibility for the content of any linked sites.

The Green Providers Directory

The Green Providers Directory has links to hundreds of environmentally friendly goods and services


Go Eco Store provide a wide range of eco products for your eco home that we have evaluated, selecting only those that give real value for money, when compared with similar items available in the high street. They include energy savers, recycled glasses, eco gifts, organic & natural cleaning products, eco baby products, LED light bulbs, recycled products and all are eco friendly products that will reduce the impact on the environment.... supporting your Eco home and encouraging an Eco lifestyle....

Natural Discovery Holidays

Natural Discovery believe it is possible for us to live more comfortably yet sustainably. Tourism holds a unique opportunity, not yet realised, to demonstrate how easy this is to do in our everyday lives. Their Discovery Breaks enable guests to discover and take-home this experience, in an enjoyable and interactive way for all.

Professional translation services for the renewable energy sector

Eco Trans provides a quality translation services at

competitive prices.

My Lifts

This website gives you free access to a national database of uk car sharers. Carshare ANYWHERE you WANT to GO! Sharing car journeys SAVES MONEY and it's GOOD for the ENVIRONMENT

The National Energy Foundation

The National Energy Foundation is an educational charity that was set up in 1990 to promote the innovative, efficient and safe use of energy. With concerns about climate change rising, NEF has played a major role in encouraging individuals and organisations to reduce their carbon emissions through the use of energy efficiency measures and renewable energy sources.

Nigels Eco Store

Offering an extensive range of environmentally friendly products including recycled, organic, green and eco friendly products and gifts; Nigel’s Eco Store is a haven for those wishing to live a more sustainable life

What green Home independently reviews more than 60 eco-friendly homes for sale in 22 countries, including the UK, and provides news, opinion and comment on sustainable development worldwide.

Ethical Consumer

Ethical Consumer is an independent lifestyle magazine, with a readership of 20,000, that informs consumers about everything from the social and environmental impacts of a product to the ethical records of the companies that make it.

All Things Eco

The FREE Online Eco Directory, listing 1000's of companies across the UK with products, services & information supporting environmentally friendly, sustainable, fair-trade, ethical, organic & natural principles. Giving green living a helping hand!

Waste Watch

Waste Watch is the leading national organisation promoting and encouraging action on the 3Rs - waste reduction, reuse and recycling.


Enviro-LIVE is aimed at promoting dialogue and a wider understanding of the global, environmental issues, that face both consumers and industry today, whilst at the same time providing a huge resource to business and consumers in terms of easily accessible, products, information and energy saving advice.



Links car sharers together for everyday commuting or journeys to special events


New age digital music store

Your Tomorrow

An ethical community site featuring a knowledge base of articles on such topics as the environment and being an ethical consumer, a directory of ethical and charitable service suppliers and a shop selling ethical gifts that include environmentally friendly, recycled, fair trade, educational and locally sourced present ideas.

The Organic Home

The Organic Home is the leader in the development of the use of organic products in the home. We are a driven and inspired company, fiercely protecting our ideals, aiming to bring a single organic brand into the homes of our vibrant and clear-thinking customers.


Ecostop's aim is to educate about the positive impact of self sufficient green energy production on the environment ie, solar power. Our products are a constant reminder of the benefits of green technologies. We donate 10% of our revenue to ecological charities.

Energy Saving Trust

They encourage energy efficiency and the integration of renewable energy sources into the economic fabric of our society. To achieve this they promote the use of cleaner fuels for transport and better insulation and heating efficiency for buildings and homes and champion small-scale renewable energy, such as solar and wind power.

Green Office

Eco Centric stock a wide range of green office products

such as the leaf lamp, Ovetto recycling bin and envelope recycling

labels. Ethically sourced office products at fantastic prices.

The Good Shopping Guide

This is a free ethical shopping tool from The Good Shopping Guide. GOOSHING makes it easy to buy brands from the most responsible companies at the cheapest price… who also care about animal welfare, human rights or the environment.

Ethical Directory

The Ethical Directory provides a categorised list of green and ethical businesses and organisations that meet their rigorous criteria. None of the organisations listed here have paid to do so. Their mission is purely to provide a useful service to their visitors.

Trade Link Solutions Ltd

Trade Link Solutions provide a range of services including independent advice, outsourcing and training solutions to a number of small and large Companies in the energy market. They manage the buying, selling and trading of ROC’s (Renewable Obligation Certificates) on behalf of their clients.

Do I need planning permission

Before you carry out any home improvement work, you must establish if you need planning permission and building regulations to do this. This site helps you unravel the complexities of this process and help you find the right professional local to you who can help.


Encraft provide project specifications to help you unlock the sustainable energy potential of your own home

Low Carbon Economy

We are listed on - a central resource for the low carbon economy, connecting people and businesses with low carbon products and services, information, initiatives, and each other

Green Mobile

Green Mobile is the UK’s first environmentally friendly mobile and landline phone service. For every connection Woodland Trust will plant 5 broadleaf trees and 6% of your monthly bill forever will also go towards planting trees.

Sust It is a 'energy comparison website' that compares the published running costs of consumer/office Electrical and White Goods. Allowing you to see the potential running costs per day/year. It does this by taking the manufactures published energy consumption rates then multiplying this by an average electricity unit tariff.