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green energy uk buy combined heat and power from a tomato grower in Hertfordshire

A business with a difference

We want to help people concerned with the environment to do something positive. We want our customers to be more than just consumers. Through our unique share scheme they become partners in our mission to create an environmentally responsible electricity supply industry.

On the one hand, we’re hard-headed business people with years of experience in commerce and industry, but we’re dreamers too. We want you to join us in putting the environment first and making the changes that will improve life for everyone.

How we do it

We sell you electricity through our licence provider, Opus Energy Limited, and the National Grid. The same cables, plugs, switches and meters used by your current electricity supplier can be used to supply electricity generated from renewable resources. To join us, you don’t have to change anything - except the name on the bill.

We also buy electricity

We are very interested in buying energy from anyone generating their own electricity who may have a surplus they want to sell to be fed back into the National Grid. Look at our pages under the Sell us Your Energy for more information